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12 April 2019
Eindhoven, Netherlands
British Dutch Brokerage event on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

British Dutch Brokerage event on

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

In the second week of April Innovate UK’s Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP), delivered by Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), is organising a visit to the Netherlands for innovative businesses that are active in the artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics

The goal is to connect technology and business interests and facilitate partnerships. The event will focus on robotics and artificial intelligence,  identifying areas of mutual interest and exploring topics for Horizon 2020 calls.

Dutch companies, universities and research institutes are invited to meet with members of this British delegation on the 12th of April.

The British companies are active in the following application area's within Artificial Intelligence en robotics:

  • Health – healthy living, healthy aging, robotic & AI assistance
  • Autonomous planning and control systems – extreme & dynamic environments, logistics, navigation, edge-computing
  • Human-AI & Robot interaction – robotic systems, skills transfer, collaborative systems, high skill environment, conversational AI

Why participate?

This is a unique opportunity to generate new business and research
contacts and contracts. The event will focus on robotics and artificial intelligence and identify areas of mutual interest and explore topics for Horizon 2020 calls

Remember that meetings are essential for doing business!

Please also note that applicants will be served on a first-come first-served basis.

Matchmaking – How does it work?

is an ideal opportunity to initiate promising contacts in pre-arranged meetings

  1. Register & publish your collaboration wishes
  2. Browse the participant list and book meetings with delegates of your interest
  3. In the week before the event you receive your meeting schedule

To contact the organisers, please email:

  • Elena Molinari (United Kingdom) emolinari@londonchamber.co.uk
  • Nils Haarman (Netherlands) nils.haarman@rvo.nl


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